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The Curse of the Monkey Man
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Series Three
Episode Sixteen
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Fear paralyzed Delhi.

– The narrator.

"The Curse of the Monkey Man" is the sixteenth episode of the third series of MonsterQuest.



An investigation into the reports of attacks by the "Monkey Man", a half-man/half-beast that has caused mass-panic around the city of New Delhi, India, where a massive search was undertaken by authorities to find the creature. Then later, the show follows an expedition into the Garo Hills to look for evidence of another possibly unknown primate, the Mande Barung. 


The episods starts by explaining the Monkey Man, a terrifying half man half beast that attacks towns and kills people. At one point it went on a violent spree.

The account of Noor Jehan is told. She was out in her garden when she was attacked by a 'terrifying ape man'. It knocked her out, and she was taken to the hospital.

Nelbison Sangma, an ex-crime commissioner, tells the team about the horror and terror the Monkey Man caused. Thousands of police were on the street, and mobs tried to force out the Monkey Man. S.K. Verma, a dermatologist, claims that the Monkey Man was simply mass hysteria.

The MonsterQuest team, led by Esteban Sarmiento, a primatologist, travels to Delhi. He finds it likely that some prehistoric apes will have survived. Ravinder Singh recounts his terrifying encounter to Esteban. Raisuddin, who still bears the scars of his attack, also talks with Esteban.

Another, 17th century account of a Monkey Man sighting is reconstructed. Locals found two Monkey Men almost starved to death. While returning from work on Henry Piddington's plantation in Jharkhand, a group of local day laborers stumbled upon two bizarre creatures, the monkey people, as they were known to locals, appeared almost dead from starvation. The group captured the beasts and delivered them to Piddington, who knew much about primates. Piddington made arrangements to send the pair to Calcutta for further study, but late one night, they escaped without a trace.

The group prepare to trek into the forest with help from local Anirban Datta-Roy. Dipu Marak, who has been studying the Monkey Man, shows Esteban some photographs of footprints. He determines, after seeing footprints, nests and damage, that the Monkey Man is no known animal.

Esteban sets up camera traps, and interviews Nelbison Sangma, another witness. He gathers hairs supposedly from the Monkey Man. It is examined by Marna Ericson, who has never seen a hair like it.

Rosna Marak is interviewed by Esteban, and tells him of her encounter. It broke into her home and stared at her, before lashing out at her. It smelled like blood, and there was blood dripping from its mouth. Eventually it left. Esteban takes a sample of the blood, which was still there.

On the way back, the team comes to a large cave.

Marna finishes the first study of the hair samples, and prepares to start the second stage. She comments on how she is excited that they may have found a new species. Later, she believes the hair could be from a red panda.

The team retrieve the camera traps, and find that one had captured a photo of the rear of an unknown animal, that could not be identified.



  • Anirban Datta-Roy
  • Marna Ericson
  • Dipu Marak
  • Rosna Marak
  • Esteban Sarmiento
  • S.K. Verma


  • Noor Jehan
  • Raisuddin
  • Nelbison Sangma
  • Ravinder Singh
  • Acharya Vijay