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MacFarlane's Bear
Vital statistics
Kind Bear
Country Northern Canada
First sighting 1864
Latest sighting 2009
Other names Ursus arctos horribilus
Scientific information
Recognized by science? Yes
Proposed species name
File:MacFarlane Bear range.png
Tim the bear

MacFarlane's Bear is a bear shot in 1864.

With the exception of unconfirmed sightings, MacFarlane's bear is sometimes thought to have gone extinct since the specimen was obtained in 1864. There have been many theories concerning the origin of MacFarlane's bear, which include suggestions that it may have been a grizzly–polar bear hybrid, or a surviving representative of a Pleistocene species.

The tribes in the area tell stories about huge aggressive bears that collapse people's rooves.Population:2-7



In 1864, Inuit hunters shot and killed an enormous yellow-furred bear and gave the skin and skull to naturalist Robert Macfarlane. MacFarlane shipped the skin and skull to the Smithsonian Institution where they were placed in storage and soon forgotten. Eventually, Dr. Clinton Hart Merriam uncovered the remains, which he thought were shot very far outside the Brown Bear range and realised that it wasn't a brown bear at all. In 1918, he described the specimen as a new species and genus, Vetularctos inopinatus, calling it the "ancient unexpected bear."