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Gef the talking mongoose
Vital statistics
Kind Mongoose
Lived in Cahsen's Gap,
Isle of Man
Sex Male
Latest sighting
Other names Dalby Spook
Talking Mongoose
Talking Weasel
Life information
Born in 1852, New Delhi
Call me Gef. I am an earth-bound spirit. Before I saw you I was going to blow your brains out with a 3d cart­ridge, but like you now.

– Gef to Arthur.

Gef, the Talking Mongoose, or the Dalby Spook, is or was a mongoose living in Cashen's Gap on the Isle of Man. Gef has been variously interpreted as a poltergeist, a normal animal, a cryptid or a hoax- although most people who visited Cashen's Gap have left insisting he was all too real.

Gef claimed himself to have been born in New Delhi, India, in 1852, and somehow made it to the Isle of Man.

In 1946, the man who later purchased Cashen's Gap claimed to have shot Gef. At the time of his alleged death, Gef would have been 94 years old, assuming he was born in 1852 in India. The house was later demolished.

Gef called himself the Eighth Wonder of the World.


Gef says he was born in 1852, little is known of his life as he is a talking mongoose. He claimed to have been an earthbound spirit.


Gef Mongoose ventriloquismGef foot tracks and teeth marks


"I could kill you all. But I wont."

"I am not a spirit. But an extra extra clever Mongoose."

In popular culture[]

  • Lemon Demon, Neil Cicierega's music group, wrote a song about Gef titled 'Eighth Wonder'.
  • Harry Price: The Psychic Detective, by Richard Morris, published by Sutton 2006
  • Gef is a recurring character in the web comic 'Semi-Charmed'
  • The Jarvey, a magical talking ferret species from the Harry Potter series, may have been based on Gef.
  • Brown Jenkin, the malevolent talking rat-like entity in H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreams in the Witch House, may have been inspired by Gef.
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a film where a man, his girlfriend, and his daughter, respectively, moving into a 19th century Rhode Island mansion, where his withdrawn daughter begins to witness malevolent creatures that emerge from a sealed ash pit in the basement of the house. These creatures have similar characteristics to Gef; he is seen as an influence to the film.
  • Mac Milli of the Nebraska based rap group Slyfuk Foursome references Gef in their song entitled "Do You Know The Ox?" In which Milli states "I'm a freak, I've got hands and feet, and if you see me you'll be petrified, mystified, now I'm Mac Millified."