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What on earth is that!?

– Dave Martill on what was thought to be a Ropen.

"Flying Monsters" is the fifteenth episode of the third series of MonsterQuest.

The featured cryptid is the Ropen.



A deep trek into the jungles of Papua New Guinea which could be hiding a flying creature local villagers call the "Demon Flyer", whose description is very similar to of the pterosaur of prehistoric origin. 


The episode starts on Papua New Guinea with the retelling of a Ropen encounter by Duane Hodgekinson. Garth Guessman, of 'Genesis Park', a research organization, leads the expedition with David Martill and Micheal Pennay, two sceptics.

The team express concern over the man-eating crocodiles in the area, and the fact that the natives could be aggressive. They also worry about the Ropen itself, which has been reported to attack people. Matrill talks about pterosaurs.

The team talks with Paul Nation, a cryptozoologist, who tells them about the dangers of New Guinea and the Ropen- which he has been researching for over fifteen years. He has seen the Ropen multiple times, as has Guessman. Peter Schmitz examies a video taken by Nation years ago, but cannot make out what the lights on the video are. Clifford Paiva begins his analysis. Meanwhile, the team investigate bats, and determine that the Ropen is not a bat.

Along with the natives, the team sets off into the jungle. Martill expressess hope that they will find an unidentified species. A reconstruction of a gruesome killing of a man by a Ropen is played. The team reaches its destination, and Martill expressess more hope as they set camera traps.

That night, they scan the surrounding area, and see a glowing blob, looking the same as the one of Nations film, flying through the air. It is too far away to be seen with the infared, and cannot be identified. Guessman tells Martill about the time he saw a Ropen. The light turns out to be a flying beetle.

Back Paivas study, Paiva determines that the lights on the video are not flashlights, not headlights and not plane lights- he concludes that the only explaination is that the lights are being made by the Ropen.



  • Garth Guessman
  • David Martill
  • Clifford Paiva
  • Michael Pennay
  • Peter Schmitz


  • Duane Hodgekinson
  • Timothy Dame
  • Jimson Karry
  • Paul Nation